Whiffies FAQ’s

 Frequently Asked Questions-


FAQ green whiffies dog tag

Q: How long does a tag last?

A: Indoor dogs will have their tags last months at a time, while more active outdoor dogs will have shorter use.


Q: Does a tag really repel mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs?

A: The blend of pure essential oils used in the tags have shown to repel annoying insects. The tags will help keep away insects from your dog.


Q: Will the dog tag irritate my dog?

A: Whiffies uses a blend of pure essential oils from lemongrass, lavender, pine, and tea tree which have not shown to irritate dogs’ senses or skin.


Q: Will the dog tag stain my furniture or clothes?

A: No. Whiffies tags uses a blend of oils and beeswax which will not stain your furniture or clothing.


Q: Are the dog tags organic?

A: The tags themselves are not organic. However, Whiffies uses organic material like oil from lavender, lemongrass, pine, tea tree, and beeswax instead of harmful synthetic fragrances. This blend is then set into a non-toxic plastic mold.


Q: How do I use the  tag?

A: All you have to do is remove the tag from the packaging, and clip the tag to the dog’s collar. AKA Clip it, Whiff it, Go!

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